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Monday, September 17, 2007

Filipino's Sign of Respect

It's a very gloomy and cold monday morning here in Toronto.. In this picture I am trying to show that traffic was starting to build in Hi-way 401. But if I will compare it to the traffic in the Philippines, this picture doesn't show traffic at all...

It was a quiet day for me today. Just a few pety conversation I had about using "ATE" (means older sister) or "NANAY"(means mother) to someone not actually related to you. Using "ATE" and "NANAY" to someone for a filipino is a sign of respect to a person whom you think is older than you. But it can be somehow very offending to others especially if the person saying "ATE" to you looks older than you or there's not much difference in your age. OR if someone will call you "NANAY" wherein the age difference is only about 5 years??.... common!!!! it is very offending indeed... I grew up in the city so I never get used to this tradition of giving respect to someone older than me. I usually say "PO" or "OPO"( means "yes" or "I agree") if someone whom I think a lot older than me. I treat everyone my age if a person is about 10 to 15 or even 20 years older or younger than me most of the time. Because I believe that everyone doesn't want to be treated old by anyone especially women.. RIGHT? ---

But on the otherhand, I believe that we all should accept the fact that everybody gets old. Our physical appearance changes as time goes by esp for women after giving birth. So if you are someone who looks younger than your age before, and somebody call you "ATE", that probably means that your loooks have changed and you're no longer that someone who got this baby face. Particularly, if you seldom smile....

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