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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sharing My Blessings

Me and hubby prepared some foods and drinks for the CFL meeting. Good thing that we decided to prepare two big servings of food. I am so glad that the food were not short for everyone.

It feel so good to be able to share some blessings. This my only way to share my blessings with my small success on my ecommerce endeavor. I just wish I can have more time and perhaps money to share, but I can only share what we have for a moment. I know sooner, I will have more to share. Not only financially, but time wise.

My business is continously recieving orders. Some customers who ordered the free samples are coming back to order for larger batches. It feel so good to be able to offer something beneficial for everyone. I feel so glad to know that there are people who were pleased with the quality of products that I personally created. This inspire me create more products that I know will be beneficial to a lot of people with a very competitive price.

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