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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Page Rank Round For My Blogs

Yepeyyy, I am happy with the Page Rank that was given to most of my blogs.

  • This blog, my "Raptured Dreams" and "Array Of Hopes" remain it's PR#3
  • My "Celebrity Entertainment Matters" remain it's PR#2
  • "Concealed Mind" from PR#1 to PR#2
  • "Embracing Health For Life"- from PR#2 to PR# 3

My 2 new blogs

  • "Natural Soap Making Supplies" from PR#0 to PR#1
  • "Custom Print Design"- from PR#0 to PR#1

I am not so please with the dropped Page Rank of my "Blogger's Recollections" from PR#3 to N/A and the remaining Page Rank #0 of my "Health, Fitness, Science and More", but I am hoping that on the next round, these two blogs will received the Page Rank that it deserved.

To top it all, I am happy with the value that was given to all of my blogs. Thanks Google!!

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