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Friday, April 2, 2010

Updating Blog For PPC

I finally update my Custom Print Design Blog after one month. I feel bad whenever I am not updating even at least one post a week on any of my blog.

I created this blog to share my love and passion in digital print designing and at the same time, for my experiment on how it will work on Pay Per Click system using the proper placement of keywords and keywords phrases, from it's blog tittle, Url, description and the content on each of my post.

After about more than a month of publishing this blog, it already received some qualified clicks on my Google Adsense. However, since I have not updated it for more than one month, I stop receiving clicks and trafiic from this blog.

I published this together with my Soap Blog, and my Soap blog have been receiving clicks and traffic because of the proper use of Search Engine Optimization with the right keywords and keywords phrases from it's Title, URL, Description and regular update of relevant contents.

Now that I am receiving payment from Google Adsense directly on my online bank account, I am determine to spend time to keep updating my Print design blog at least 1 to 2 times a week, to speed up the time in reaching the minimum amount payment of Google Adsense.

I just love applying everything that I have been learning about different ways in making money online. I can feel some self-fulfillment everytime I see the success of what I did.

How about you? What's keeping your mind busy that is giving you some self-fulfillment aside from your family? Life is so beautiful and God has given us all the worderful things and we should learn how to make our living worth every minute. Don't waste your spare time snooping around other people's life. Do something worthy!!

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