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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Key In Running An Online Business

At last, I finally got my first order for this month after fixing the sitemap error of my webstore on my Google Webmaster account. And I started receiving some inquiries and some incomplete orders again. This shows how powerful Google is, when it comes to online business.

Running an online business is not as easy as counting numbers. You must learn the secret to feel the power of Google and other major search engines like yahoo and msn.

I know that the month of May will be another busy month for me. The error that I forgot to fix right away, may happen again because it is part of website maintenance to do some changes every now and then. But I really hope that next time, I will remember to fix the error right away soon as I notice the sudden slow of traffic of my website.

To all my friends, it is not Google who made the sudden slow of my business but it was my mistake to contantly check the status of my website. I forgot to remember that it is always part of having an online business to contantly check every corner of the status on my website to maintain the quality of people visiting my website.

I can't wait for another busy days processing orders here and there, and blog every details of my success. The key in running an online business is BRAIN!!!

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