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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Car Repair Informations

I can't wait to move to Mississauga on the first week of July. We need to purchase a small car because the public bus in Mississauga is slow compair to Toronto. Our budget is tight so we are planning to buy a second hand small car since we already have a Van. I will be using this small car to work.

I know that buying is a second hand car can be quite expensive, specially if you don't know anybody who know anything about car repair. Good thing that my brother's bestfriend is an auto mechanic so it can save me money whenever I encounter some problem with my car.

If you are living in Los Angeles, Repairpal.com can provide you informations on where and how to find a Los Angeles auto repair shops and mechanics. And since Honda Civic is the most purchased vehicle in America, Repairpal also provide informations about purchasing Honda in your area.

Replacing the head gasket is difficult, but proper informations will guide you to prevent an expensive and recurring problem.


AnaVar said...

If you don't know anything about car repair, it's sometimes cheaper to buy a new car! I once bought a second hand car and spend more on repair it, than I would give for new one :(

KENYA said...

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