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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bitterness Of Somone's Award

Something is telling me that someone is being affected on how I act. Hahahhaha!!! Well, that is not my problem anymore because that is just how I act and move. And if you have any problem with that, then try me!!! So you can get what you want!!

The problem with these people is they just can't focus on themselves so they keep looking around to look at someone else. They keep on complaining about other people's blessings. Noone is in the position to say who does and who doesn't deserve to have one. But God!! Things always happen for a reason.

If he got an award it's because someone nominated him. If you don't agree, then speak up... If you can't speak up, then what you wish to say might not be appropriate or probably something is to be ashamed of, so you'd rather keep your mouth shut and say it anguishly in a silent manner.

You might want to ask yourself why you are bitter? His award never taken anything from you, so why complain and be bitter about it?

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