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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Business In Blogging and Ecommerce Website

I was so tired yesterday that I wasn't able to grab the task that was offered to me by my favorite sponsor. When I try to take the task few minutes ago, it wasn't available anymore, and I need to wait for the availability again. Sigh!!!!

I still don't have any order. I am using the new version on my store provider again and traffic seems to improved. However the wide look of my webstore template when using Internet Explorer browser is still there while it looks fine when using Mozilla Firefox browser. I have submitted the complain already and I hope that the problem will be resolve soon. For the meantime, I will deal with the wide look of my website and see how the traffic of my webstore rise.

This is how my wesbtore look using Internet Explorer browser;

And this is how my webstore look using Mozilla Firefox browser;

When I revert it back from the old version to bring back the normal look of my website in Internet Explorer, the traffic and my sales was affected. So I have to use the new version and deal with the wide look of my template in Internet Explorer. I've seen some improvement on my traffic after putting back the new version so I guess, I will just wait until my webstore provider resolve the issue on the template design when using the Internet Explorer.

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