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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Order With Personal Use

I picked up my order from my supplier's warehouse this morning. Then I went to Fortinos to buy some fruits for me and my family. Then had I lunch with my kids. And now here I am, sharing my day on this blog. Here is the image of the items that I picked up from my supplier's warehouse.
These are 10 packs to 10 Palm Tealight Candle, Carscenter Oil diffuser and 10 bottles for my skin care products. My customer ordered 3 packs of 10 Palm Tealight Candles and the Carscenter Oil Diffuser and the rest are for my personal use and stock.

The price of these order are already paid by my customer through my paypal directly from my webstore. Meaning, I didn't spend a single cent from my own pocket to buy all of these, because that order were already paid before I process the order. No payment, no order to process...

I may not have any profit to keep on my pocket from this small order but, I have invested the rest for my own personal use and the bottles for the next order of my skin care products. And yet, no money came out from my pocket and I am so SMART!!! hehehhehehehe!!!

I am happy because this order is from another new customer who own a beauty salon nearby. She will pick up her order so I don't have to worry about packing it nicely and driving to the post office to ship the order.

This is a very good business for someone who have another full-time job and who don't have enough money to start a business. You will only have to buy the ingredients that you need, when the payment have been confirmed. However, you need to be intelligent like me..heheheheheheh!!!

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