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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blogging For Money With My Sponsors

I took 2 tasks from one of my sponsors today. I find the tasks very interesting so I grab it right away and post it on my two blogs. I still have many pending tasks from my sponsors but I can only take few tasks per week, because I don't want any of my blogs to look like an advertisement blogs.

For those who are skeptical to believe that bloggers can make extra income in blogging, here are some of my sponsors.

This is where I usually take task lately, as they provide me a lot of good products and services to advertise on my blogs.

They are offering me a lot of tasks lately, since this blog's PR jump up to PR#3 again. The prices per task is very competitive but I don't take any of the offer because they still have not approve my other blogs even it has a good PR. I also find their system time consuming.

This is where I got my very first task and I learn so much since then. But I find their system time consuming too. I have to bid for the task and wait for the advertiser to approve the bid. So I don't do much business with them lately but my blogs are all active still.

Ahhh this is where I used to earn a lot of money in blogging that I thought of quiting my job. But since the economic crisis, my income from them went down to zero. This is their new website with lesser tasks and require a minimum amount before I can withdraw my money.

Their website is so freaking slow. The prices per task is so low too, so I have only taken 2 tasks from them so far. But this is where I advertise my webstore since they have cheaper price per task. However, most of their blogges are amatuers. Well what do you expect for something cheaper than the rest. I am hoping that they will improve their system someday for their bloggers and advertiser.

. My favorite sponsor of all because their link require rel="nofollow" which makes each post Search Engine friendly. However, the opportunities are very limited and they also require a minimum amount payout before I can withdraw my money. But whenever I receive any task notification from them, I always make sure to grab it as fast as I can so I won't loose it.

This is the newest of all my sponsor. I love their system too since it's the same as SocialSparks. Their required link is Search Engine friendly but they have lesser task and require minimum amount payout. I am hoping to receive more offers from them soon.

And of course, the easiet but most challenging way to make money by blogging with Google Adsense as one of my biggest sponsor. It require knowledge and experience in Search Engine Optmization to be able to make money from them. But once you get the proper way, it will be the easiest of all. It doesn't require any time limit to grab some task or any link at all. You simply create articles that contain proper keywords to trigger clicks on the ads and you will be paid.

I have other sponsors but these are the sponsors where I usually take task if I have the time. So this blogging for extra income is real and not just an illusion. However, only smart people can make money from this. hahahahah!!!

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