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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Fun Of Making My Products

I will prepare the two orders that I received today so I can shipped it tomorrow morning. Then I will have an appointment with my massgae therapist. I am having stiffness on my shoulder so I need my muscles to be relax.

I am so addicted to my products and being able to sell and appreciated by different people who have bought and tried it, is just an added inspiration to work and make more interesting products to sell.

I started this business mainly for the purpose of making extra income. I never thought that I will be hooked on this hobby. Funny but the earnings I made for this month just went to all the ingredients and tools of my products particularly the soaps.

Well, at least I dont have to get everything from my own pocket. Beside, the fun that I am having in creating new interesting ideas will benefit my business. Most of my orders are Mineral Makeup and now, I am getting soap orders and other skin care products.

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