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Monday, January 18, 2010

New Life To A New Place

Our journey in finding a new place to stay is like a whrilwind that ruined my organized daily routine. I have full laundry bin to work on for the whole week. I have unfiled documents to arrange one day at a time. My house is a little bit filty and I have not done my regular stretching since Saturday. But I am glad the our house hunting is finally over and we will move on February 16.

This moving added some workload on my daily routine. We only have few weeks to do some packing one day at a time. I have so many things to do and organized for the moving. I have to schedule for the movers, change address for the credit cards, insurances, bills etc. I actually don't know where to start all of these but to top it all, I really think we made a very good deal with the house.

I have an excellent real estate agent that was referred to me by my friend from Couples For Christ. I really think that God have guided us on this and I really hope that God will continue to guide us in starting a new life to a new place.

1 comment:

imelda said...

take things one by one tey. kaya mo yan!