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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Awkward Feeling To Someone

I learned two things today;

  • Just because your car has been damaged because of your stupidity, you will dwell yourself into blame and expect people around you to understand your grumpy attitude--- That's the problem when you expect things around you to be always perfect... Life is like that. It can never be perfect.
  • When you crack a joke to someone, expect the same thing with that person. When, where and the intensity can be unexpected. So you better choose who you want to joke around with because not everybody can understand when is the best time to crack a joke to you. You'll never know what that person have been going through the last time you joke wih her too.----

I am beginning to hate someone's attitude. I promise myself that I will never joke with her anymore... So the next time she jokes with me, I will remind her that I am a person who can always take a joke so dont expect me to know when is the best time to joke with you ... It will be better for us not to joke around because she is simply unpredictable to joke with.... Gee, grumpy!!!!... I hate to be negative ... I'm trying to let myself sit with an awkward feeling but her attitude to me lately makes me think of something else that I'm not quite sure how to identify.

Bad day as usual....Not with my work coz I really did good .... It is always the people around me that gives me a bad mood.... Anyway I learn something from that and I will try my best to keep that in mind.

1 comment:

Shyyen said...

A behavior that seems to have no consistency would drive people nuts.So we must be careful becuse not all are at their disposal to return back a good joke.This is a good lesson to reflect on.Have a great day!