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Monday, August 27, 2007

Medical Attention

I had a very peaceful night at work. No petty goading nor meager thoughts and wrathful minds. How I wish my night will always be like this... just work..

Anyway today is monday and it is always my cleaning day. So after an hour of house cleaning, I woke up Kelly to bring her to the doctor for her bladder problem. Well the doctor just gave her some medication and the laboratory result will come out after about 3 days. If something serious, they will be contacting us...If we didn't hear from them, then everything is fine. And if after the medication is done and she still not feeling better, then I will have to bring her back..... I just hope things will be ok with my baby.
This the clinic that we went to... it is just about few minutes away from our house. If the findings is something serious then I will have to bring her to our family doctor. Our family doctor's clinic is quite far and we have to wait for a couple of days to get an appointment. So for an emergency, we usually go here. That's the problem we are facing here in Toronto when it comes to medical attention "WAITING".... although everything is free..... So which one is better when it comes to medical attention here or in the Philippines?....

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