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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hoping For My Dreams To Come True

I dont know if I am dreaming, or if God can hear what my heart always wished for. Maybe God knows that what my heart unselfishly wish for, is just simply to make my dreams to come true, by letting him lead my way.

One of the reasons why I bought a house and get out of the small townhouse, so customers and shipping company will not have a hard time looking for my place. I want a basement with kitchen so this is where I can conduct my Mineral Makeup Making Workshop.

But things changed soon as we decided to purchased the house. I stopped working on reaching on my dreams to come true, and just let everything stand there in my dreams, because I decided to put my family first before my dreams. But I never stop hoping that someday, I can make it come true.

Three women are so passionate to attend my workshop. I agree, and I send them the price per head that I want for Making Mineral Makeup Workshop. If they agree to pay the price, I will file a vacation at work and prepare a personalized workshop for them. If everything goes through, I will ask anyone from my family to take a video of the workshop so I can post it on my facebook. I will be very very proud of myself if it happen.

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