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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick But Pushing Myself To Work

I woke up early this morning, still having some headache. I took tylenol and I feel a lot better after few minutes, yet still not feeling well. I was able to do few things like calling some companies and filling up some forms.

I called my insurance to ask about claiming the exercise videos I purchase online last year. The'y're not sure if it is covered, but I submit it still- with the claim form. It is still considered as an exercise home equipment, so I hope I will be able to claim the money I spend from all the exercise videos. If they will allow the exercise videos, I might order some more videos in the following months.

I also submitted some the massage therapy expenses I had last year. I still have few more amount on my account so I still allowed to have some more massage therapy for this year.

Then I filled up the tax revenue for my online business. I should have submitted thisbefore the HST comes in, but because of some confusion on their part, I am only sending it now. It's still late though.

I didn't finish all the things I should do for today, because I am not really feeling well. I have few more phonecalls to make tomorrow. I also need to go the vehicle licensing to cancel my old car plate number, but I might just do it on Friday because I still feel sick.

I will try my best to load some dirty clothes tomorrow. I hope to have more energy by then...I need to start working on some documents and equipment that I will need for the workshop next week.... Argggg!!! Hard to be sick with this busy life.

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