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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy Tuesday Morning

I was so busy soon as I get home from work. After I dropped the kids to school, I went straight to Canada Post to shipped one order. Then I went straight to our bank to withdraw some money and deposited it to our other account to pay some bills. Then I went straight to Staples Business Store to buy a big shipping box for the other order.

When I got home, I arrange the order items in the shipping box and it fit perfectly. I will just re-arrange and sealed it when I get home from work tomorrow morning. Then I will ship it after I drop the kids to school tomorrow.

I loaded some dirty white clothes right now, then I will just finish updating this blog before I do my kickboxing workout. I will fold the clean clothes I washed yesterday. Then tidy up the kitchen, before I go to bed. What I busy day!!!

My kness still hurt, so I dont think I can ran at the gym tonight.

1 comment:

Vicy said...

Wow! You're indeed busy Tey. Nways, just droppin by here to say hi. Take care! Oh I am your follower now