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Friday, March 23, 2012

Refund Money To Customer

I have to refund the payment of the last order because I realized that the price of the product that she ordered have increased by my supplier and I wasn't able to update the price on my webstore. The prices increase was too big and I cannot afford to lose money for this one order. I feel bad about it but what can I do? I do this business to make extra income and not to lose money. My fault for being negligent on updating the price of my products.

Oh well, I don't know when can I find the drive to be focus on my business again. I just don't want to add stress on my life anymore. I had enough during that year when my mind was so focus on starting up my online business. I look terrible during that day. My skin was full of pimple breakout because I have no time to wash my face and keep using products that are not suitable on my skin. I was so FAT because I am always in a hurry and end up eating the wrong food. I dont want to go back to that anymore so I will just do whatever I can.

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