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Thursday, March 29, 2012

At Last, Ready To Be Shipped

The sample order is now ready to be shipped. I was suppose to mail it yesterday but I have to attend to one special appointment and I went home so tired. So I thought it would be better to mail it anytime today. I will ship it together with the Mineral Foundation Sample that I want to give to my bestfriend from the Philippines and the the change of premium form of our Insurance Policy to our Insurance Broker. I forgot to ask hubby to sign the form so most probably, I will mail it this afternoon after hubby sign it.
Everyday is busy for me lately but I am hoping that sometime next month, my morning after work wont be this busy so I will have time to relax before going to bed. It is very stressful just thinking how many things I have to do every morning when I get home from work. I try my best to take it all easy and do it one day at a time. I have few more things to catch next week. Huhhhhh!!!!

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