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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finally Mailed and Hope For Workshop

I finally mailed the small order last Saturday. I have to tell lie to the customer that the order was probably lost. I need to shapen up my attitude towards my business. Otherwise, I should shut it down which is very unlikely because it has been part of my life.

I just send a "Money Request" for the customer who is very much willing to attend the Making Mineral Makeup on Satuday. I hope to receive the payment soon, so I can start setting up my place for the workshop. At least, this is the second workshop that I will conduct and it is not that hard for me anymore. I will just print it out, prepare the materials and everything are all set, to share my knowledge in Making Mineral Makeup.

I just love sharing how to make mineral makeup, however, my mind is not set with this right now. My excitement for the workshop is being covered by something unpleasant that is happening in me right now. I wish this storn will go away soon and start enjoying my day again.

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