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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fun Making Mineral Makeup Workshop

I am so glad that my customer enjoyed the Making Mineral Makeup Workshop yesterday. I totally forgot to take a picture of me together with my customer yesterday for remembrance and of course, to show it off on my Facebook. Let everybody know how productive I spend my Saturday sharing my skills and talent with someone I dont know, and make money from it. It is actually a good money and how I wish there are more people who will be interested in Making their own Mineral Makeup.

The workshop started at 2:30pm and end at 5:00pm. It is all worth the time with the amount of money she paid through Paypal. I am happy that she still find it very interesting, fun and educational despite the fact that I didn't have the handout which I normally have for every workshop, because my printer run out of ink.

I might post an advertisement on Kijiji with this workshop. The money is good actually and it doesn't take so much effort since I have done this workshop for a couple of times already. Everything comes out naturally since it is really my skills that I am sharing.

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