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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Uninspired For New Products

I wanted and have been planing to take a picture of the batches of Orange Soap that I made about 2 weeks ago. But my laziness always hunts me. Just don't have the guts to push myself to do it so I can post it on my webstore and blog about it.

I also have a request to make a yellow Mineral Eyeshadow but, I am too unmotivated to stay in the basement and do all of it. This can be a very good promotion that will make a lot of my customers happy and to start ordering my products again.

My basement is a mess which makes me so unispired to work on new products to offer on my webstore and blogs. Maybe if we are already in our house in Mississauga, I will be more inspired to work on my products every weekend since the basement will all for my business.

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