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Monday, October 1, 2007

Paypal For Philippine Account Holder

I've been reading blogs of talksmart's Filipino Blog of The Week nominees and all I can say is - "OH BOY, they are all so good"... I like siyete 's post "KAHAYAG" because it's very much how I am with some friends right now. A lot of the people around me doesn't get what really blog is all about. But never mind what they think. I'm having fun and the heck with what other people think. Of course gracearreza one of the blogs that always inspire me to earn by blogging. I always wish I have the time to scrap so I wont be jealous of yennygirl 's blog layout. I want to thank Rosemarie for helping me get the poll code to put on my sidebar. I met her in Talksmart as one of the nominees before, and was blown away by her cute blog layout. I actually met most of my co-bloggers in Talksmart site.

I feel so sorry to hear the limitation of pinoy bloggers about receiving payment through paypals. About two days ago, I got a message from one of my MyBlogLog Co-Bloggers
Rino that Philippine account holders can now receive payments through paypal. Read it in http: / / www. pinoymoneytalk. com/ 2007/ 09/ 28/ paypal-philippines-c an-now-receive-payme nts/ . I am so happy to hear this for all pinoy bloggers in the Philippines. Isn't nice to see young people blogging and earning as well? I am actually encouraging my niece in the Philippines to earn by blogging since she is also into blogging anyway. As gracearreza said in one of her post, $10.00 if converted to Philippine money is already something.

I wont get tried saying thank you for the whole week for all those who voted and will vote me. I will still continue inviting you to visit Talksmart and vote for my blog mydaysinmymind. You can also vote for me on the poll located on my sidebar. Thank you again and have a nice blogging day to all...

1 comment:

Rosemarie said...

hi ester your always welcome. yes its sad that paypal payment here in PI is limited. i am also planning to enter in blogging fot money.hehehehe... i am still preparing for it lol. im sure i'll have may Q when i start this stuff.