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Thursday, October 11, 2007

She Probably Deserve It

Not a good night with some pety conversation from judgemental mind. Trying to understand why there are some people who just don't want look on the beautiful side of everyone around. Trying to find fault in a person's life. Many times I promise to act naive in every words I hear, but brutish me to say a word that I shouldn't . I didn't mean to utter those words in a grimace way. But then somehow I feel better because she probably deserve it. But who am I?... And who is she? ... I dont want to feel hatred with anyone but I just hate her.... for now.


Lestat said...

hmm.mukang may nang-aaway sa yo ah..:)

neways, I love the jpeg quotes about LIFE..

and I do have a gift for you..:) check this out

regards and have a nice day

Tey said...

hahha i posted my comment on this on ur blog ...hope to see u again..