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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sweetest Thing I Got

This is Kelly and Kim, my 9 years old twin daughters but as they grow up they are trying to look different from each other. Kelly wants short hair and Kim one wants long hair. I just found out today before they left for school how excited they were for my blog. I guess I was wrong when I said that I have only few supporters from Canada, because they've been telling their friends to vote for me even to their teacher....( geeeee shyyyyyy naman ako). When I came home from work this morning, Kim was on the internet looking on how my blog was doing so far while Kelly was talking on the phone giving her friend the instructions on how to vote.hahhahhahha.. That was the sweetest thing I got today.

I was having a second thoughts of publishing this post but this blog is all about my thoughts and this thoughts I have right now just wont get off my brain for a couple of days now.

I feel so weak and sad but trying my best to be strong as I always am. Behind this smile and laughter is a frightened heart. I wish it was just another life inside my body but it was something else. I will feel the pain again as I had it 2 years ago and maybe some more after this. I sometimes want to just live it there and rest in peace with the Lord, but my life has so much blessings to be happy about that I have to fight for a longer life. My heart cannot take it to leave this two sweet girls behind this world without someone they can call "MOM". I want to see them grow up and always be there for them. I will take the pain and fight for more just to be with them as far as I can. But then if he will ask for my soul, I cannot say "NO", I can only wish for more.

Just got home from the clinic with hubby. Dr. Shuen refused to do the surgery this time and will refer me to another specialist who have more knowledge on this rare case I have. Hard to identify where is it coming from though I feel a little bit relieve to hear it might not be a cancer . I am and will always pray for the best.


Anonymous said...

to to God, ester. nothing is impossible with Him.

Rosemarie said...

just pray to god sis i know he will hear your prayer. and hey i am touch of what ur twins doing. they campaining your blog that nice of them

Anonymous said...


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