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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blog Addiction

Many times I wander why am I so hooked on this blogging. Am I depressed or what?.....lols... Once I get home from work, the first thing I will do is open my desktop and check my email, my blog etc., . And when I wake up, the first thing I will do is open my computer again... When I am at work my brain is full of things that I want to blog about. I sometimes want to full the time forward so I can go home and open my computer. I have to do everything at once in a day because most of the days I dont do anything but blog ang blog hopp. Now the worst thing is, I sometimes dont talk to my kids that much anymore and they have been noticing it ... " Mama you're blogging again"...

Now I really think this is not healthy anymore and I should my change blog routine somewhere somehow but first, I want to relaized things behind this addiction. WHY?
  • Yes I think I am depress. When I found out that I am going to have another surgery, my blog addiction become more chronic than before. I used to blog only before I go to bed.
  • I am not happy with my work. My work requires physical and not too much brain work. A simple trouble shooting skills that require some thinking when I was new but after doing it for quite sometime, I get bored. I can't leave the company for practical reasons.
  • I am not happy with the people I am always with outside my home. I don't want to say that they're dupes or something, since most of them are college degree holders and Filipinos. Most will act intimidated when somebody open an interesting topic instead of talking about someone else lives or finding fault on somebody or something.
  • We dont know anybody in Canada when we came here so I don't really have that much friends who really know me.
  • My kids are growing up and most of the time they are either talking to their friends on the phone when they get home from school or watching TV. Well I guess this is the sad part of being a parent. Kids spend less time with you as they grow.
  • I spend most of the time with my hubby but like me, he is a play station and TV addict.....lols...he probably feel the same about the kids...

So I think depression is part of blog addiction, that you try to search for some self-fulfillment somewhere along your journey on the internet. You find some self-fulfillment by getting more readers and comments from people about the topic that you've just posted plus you're being paid for it. Nothing is perfect in this world. So I think blogging is healthy if it will serve as a recreation or therapeutic to reduce some disorders or imbalance. But to mess up some part of your life is already a bad sign of addiction.


Lotus Flower said...

Back when my children were small they grabbed my attention every which way they can. And because I was working then, reading stories for them was quite a toll every night. But as they grew older and found less need for me, I realized I long for those times when they would practically beg for me to read to them. I sincerely hope you will find time to bond with them as often as you can. Because they will only be young once. Sigh! But cheers! :-)

Tey said...

thx so much lotus flower... i know and i'm starting to realize it now...more time with them as i can.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ester, I do agree blogging does satisfy a need, and as long as it serve it's purpose as fun, entertaining and a creative outlet, it is good. I think it is better doing this than keeping everything bottled up inside:)like you, most times I found myself thinking of what to blog and when i see or read something interesting, I always think I should blog about it:). I'm sorry to hear you're going to undergo a surgery, i think blogging does help in taking your mind off it. Blogging keeps me busy and entertained too, specially now,all i want is to let time fly fast, so blogging and reading blogs and everything helps a lot:)

Tey said...

yeah thira but lately i think im going too far that I've neglecting a lot of aspect in my day to day life. but i'm excusing myself for that since i'm trying to take away some emotional imbalance right now. im trying to spend more time with my family