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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Issues

Halloween is here again and still asking myself how much involvement should I have with my children during Halloween. Sounds somewhat peculiar but there's really a lot of issues to be considered.

Do you know how much I bought for the ready-made custumes for my kids? hmmm.. CND$21.00 and the other one is CND$22.00(wigs are not included). I thought I can saved their custumes last year but their preferences and size have changed that's why I have to buy a new one. You probably know now, why I wanted to earn more by blogging. hahhaha...

Next is the issue for treat-or- treating. I always want to make sure that my children must be accompanied by either me or an adult with no discussion. But some teenagers may not agree. Well it's up to you to make the decisions as to whether your kids are responsible or mature enough to go out by themselves unsupervised. But make sure that your kids are out in a group of similar age and trustful enough. But for me, I go with my guts. Even though they're asking me to loosen my reins, I will still go behind them tonight. Halloween can be a fun night but it can be scary and some creepy people might be out at this time of the year. Older kids or gangs can be sometimes intimidating too.

I always make sure that my children eat healthy, brush their teeth regularly and have a good understanding of nutrition. So I wont let it all be shattered with one night of all the candies they will receive. *s
et up limits and control. *make sure that they don't eat until you've inspected everything. *throw all fruits, home-made treats ( you'll never know what's inside)* throw anything unwrapped.* teach them about sharing and giving to others by asking them to donate a portion.

It's hard sometimes especially that I love candies too. But I really think it is important for us to be a good example. So I try not to eat tons infront of my kids ( wait until they're sleeping...lols..) and be consistent. And if you're going to a Halloween party, be sure to watch your alcohol intake. Because a lot of children are roaming out on the street in the dark. Remember no one should go out on the road with alcohol in their bloodstream. Happy Halloween to all!!!!

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