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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Follow Tags For New Bloggers

I am so confuse about this Page Rank, Blog traffic, SERP, SEO, Keywords and now the "NO FOLLOW" tag for the paid links. I have to go back on and on again with that Blog so I can understand it better. Paid to Blog sites who are paying bloggers like me to review a Blog or Sites with a backlink included. It says that "The purpose of advertising is to get traffic to your site and a no-follow tag doesn't stop people from clicking the link and being directed to the site in question". The problem is that our sponsors don't allow us to use "NO FOLLOW" tags. Now on how to use "No Follow" tags , I have no better words to use to say it on my own, so I would suggest to visit the said Blog I was talking about for better understanding. It is important for new bloggers like me to know the "No Follow" tags as to what it can do to our Page Rank and Blog Traffics. I tried reading some FAQs about "NO Follow" tags but it was a never ending search for an answer. So just click on this, "NO FOLLOW" and see how it works for you. If you have any questions, dont ask me but ask the guy who made that Blog.

I said I will do this Blog tomorrow but I woke up early so I thought of doing this before I go out for trick-or-treating with my kids. I will go with them not only to guide them but to have fun as well...hahhah.. I don't want to make myself sad sitting in one corner watching and trying to catch any reviews on my panel. The density keyword of this Blog doesn't show a good score so I have to do something that will make it better. At least I am making a progress now on understanding the importance of keywords with my kind of Blog.

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