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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Keywords Of My Daily Thoughts

Everytime I check the keywords density of this page, the word "BLOG" will always come out. Why not "THOUGHTS"? Why not "SEARCH"? Why not " SELF-FULFILLMENT"? Since those words are from my page title. I am just guessing, probably it is because mymind is full of blogging thoughts and I've been writing things about blogging. I still want to write some of the thoughts I have like;

Blog Award Thoughts-
I just recently receive this award from one of my sweet co-bloggers Emmyrose and Rosemarie-gven-rose - Thanks so much and I want to share this award to all the bloggers on my co-bloggers list.

Yesterday, I went to my doctor and he gave me a puffer for my ashma allergy. Then I had an hour shiatsu massage. I needed that to release some stress. Then eat on one of my favorite Filipino Restaurant near my doctor's clinic. I want to have a haircut but I am so tired so I went home. Update my blog , check my email, few blog hopp, take a shower and went to bed.

Tormented thoughts- that keeps clinging into my head. Laughing and smiling outside but bleeding inside. How long? until when... asking for mercy... no... not now I am not ready. Some more time with them. I am holding back expectantly for the answer even if it needs to feel some pain. How long, how long?...worries keeps hunting me even in my dreams.

Thoughts about one id**t blogger who just wrote a comment and I need to hide it because it was an advertisement post. Geee.. If you dont agree on what you read then why can't you just get lost my dear. Why do you have to put your backlink then ? Oh boy, you're just one big crabby mind.


sheena marie said...

congratulations ester! you deserve the award. ^__^ thanks so much for the info ester. i've been reading your entries, and i'm thinking of trying some of it. i'd like to increase my traffic first though. tc ester! ^__^

sheena marie said...

btw it's me shEn. i signed in with my other google account. my bad.

Rosemarie said...

yes tey we have the same thought about people leaving nasty comments. why not leave if they dont like what they read and see. maybe we should accept the fact that not all people using internet are good some are just stupid and make some people pissed.

Tey said...

hi sheena, im glad u want to try being paid to blog.. just make sure u be an addict like me...lols... traffic is the biggest challenge here.

Tey said...

rosemarie- i hate that guy to think he is a filipino...kakainis

Rosemarie said...

ganun....sus tey ganun naman talaga ang ibang pinoy eh. anyway i was supposed to give you this ward but u have it from emmyrose na pala. But still i want to share it to you. here is the link http://gven-rose.blogspot.com/2007/10/another-award-from-my-blogger-friends.html