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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

GSIS Pensioners In Toronto

My father and I went to the Philippines Embassy in Toronto today, after learning about G-W@PS in Philippine Consulate General Toronto, Canada website. My father has not been receiving GSIS pension since he got here in Toronto on March 2006 because he was not able to report to GSIS office in the Philippines during his birth month. It only took us about less than 30 minutes to apply for the eCard Plus. The application form will be send to GSIS office in the Philippines for verification and approval. He will receive the notification through the email address he provided on the application form. All his questions with regards to his GSIS pension will be email to him. So it is important that you provide an email address upon going to the Philippine Embassy.

The G-W@PS is a tansactional kiosk where GSIS pensioner can apply for the eCard Plus and renew their active pensioner's status electronically. This is to ensure the uninterrupted remittance of their monthly GSIS pension benefits. Before the G-W@PS was put place. GSIS pensioners living in the Philippines or abroad has to report to the GSIS office once a year, during their birth month, to ensure the continous receipt of their pensions. This requirement addresses the problems of fraudulent encashment of checks through misrepresentation and overpayment to deceased pensioners. The G-W@PS has now eliminated this need for personal appearance by emplying biometrics. Instead of going to the Philippines, pensioners only need to have their fingerprints scanned and revalidated through the G-W@PS kiosk. Pensioner need to use their eCard Plus to access the G-W@PS .

To pre-register, GSIS pensioners only need to call the Consulate General in Toronto at (416) 9227181. They need to provide, among others, their residence address, email address and cellular phone number- even the cell number of their friends or relatives- during the pre-registration. Once enrolled, pensioners can use their eCard Plus on the G-W@PS to renew their active status during their birth month. For more Information visit their website at http://www.philcongen-toronto.com/index.php

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