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Friday, October 26, 2007

Excellent Blog Award

Blog Award is an online award to vote for the best weblog. There are many different blog awards based on public vote and a few that are based on a fixed set of criteria and a panel of judges. Various organizations have started blog awards with varying success. There is the Weblog Award as well as the Bloggies

But this blog award I recently got is definitely not based on public or group of people's vote. This Blog Award I just receive is from one of my sweet co-bloggers Thira- . No votes are needed to let someone know that you find her/his blog an Excellent Blog and deserve a recognition. So I would like to share this award again to all the bloggers on my co-bloggers list. I dont want to share this with only 3 or 5 bloggers since I believe that all this bloggers have an Excellent Blogs. Thanks Thira...

Have nice blogging weekend to all...

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