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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Exclusively Made For Smart People

I didn't work last night because I am sick. It's probably because of the weather. It's 4 am and I couldn't sleep. I checked the poll and I saw that Iampaperbag and my blog's number of votes are very close. I dont have any idea to whom I am getting these number of votes that's making me smile though I am not feeling very well right now. I never expected to have these kind of support from people that I dont personally know. I sometimes feel like I am getting more support from people that I dont personally in contact with than those poeple whom they said my friends because all I can get are unconcerned looks or sometimes made me feel somekind of stupid or something. Only few of my friends that I know support me in anyway but most of them are definitely not from Canada. As much as I wanted to avoid negative thoughts to anybody but sometimes I just couldn't keep my eyes from all the gestures I am getting from people around me. Who cares about ignorant people who dont know anything about computer. It is the millenium or should I say computer age. I sometimes want to explained to them what blogging is all about. Very short and simple---- BLOGGING IS EXCLUSIVELY MADE FOR SMART PEOPLE..... well I am not saying that those who don't blog are not smart but it only implies to those who are not smart enough to understand why people blog. So since we are the smart one, we should be the one to understand...right?

Well anyway, I am happy that I am having some offers lately from SponsoredReview and Blogvertize.I guess I am really into this since I was skeptical before. Who's going to say NO to money? I'm happy to see young people to earn through this instead of them going to sites where they can learn nothing but rudeness. I asked my niece to make a blog here in bloggers because I've learned from the forums I've been going to, that bloggers/blogpost is the best site for monetizing and it's free. SponsoredReview only require 10 post and my blog was aprroved by Blogvertize when it was only 3 weeks old. I am not an expert to share knowledge on how to increase traffic because I myself needs more. But as I have experienced so far, everytime I ping blog sites and check my traffic, well there it goes...It's going up. I use ping.bloggers.com to ping other blogsite and I usually check my traffic on shinystats, sitemeter or alexa since my dashboard in blogrush is having some issues right now.... Mybloglog is a good site to get interesting blog and readers and of course, joining chatbox of talksmart as well as joing Filipino Blog Award of the Week is the most fun part of all.

I was inpired by one of Talksmart's post about him being able to buy a loptap through adsence. So I made my adsence banner bigger and more appealing ( nice ba?)...... I've earned $00.57 so far..... hahahahah not even enough to buy a bus ticket to go to the computer store to buy a loptop. But then who knows? someday I will be able to get more than him and buy 3 ( in my dreams..lols..)...Well nothing is impossible as always said. Thank you again and again for those who voted and will vote for me
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Anonymous said...

Hi! your post made me smile. That's true it's hard to explain to people who are not familiar with blogging, what's it all about. And when I tell them you can even earn money on it, they have this really big eyes like... Huh?? hehe :) Have a great day and goodluck on your blog :)

Anonymous said...

don't let those negative people affect you. they'll just add a few unwanted lines on your face and that's not good. haha!

BoobooStrider said...

Hola! I just wanted to ask if Blogvertise and SponsoredReviews are paying bloggers well? I've recently monetized my blog pero ads lang... i was wondering if you could give me tips. also, what's ping for?

haha! sorry im new to this