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Monday, October 22, 2007

Changing Blog Title For Google Search

When I made this page, my first title is "My Days In My Mind" which is why my URL is mydaysinmymind. I want to post my daily thoughts so I suddently change it to "My Daily Thoughts"... That was before I found out that I can earn money by blogging. Now that I am into this system, I've learned that I have to have high traffics to be paid higher and to be accepted by some advertising sites that require a higher page rank. And that was the start of my never ending search to get more traffic. It was actually more than just being paid higher but to find more self-fulfillment as a blogger that I find so challenging. I thought it was just as easy as writing my thoughts, but I was wrong. There are so much things to learn and to remember.

One of the things I've learn is the importance of keyword and keyphrases of your post and title as well as the URL name to appear on Google search. On my daily journey to search for an answer, I found this site
Make Money Online- for beginners . I was hesitant to ask for an exchange link because of his fame rank in google but then I finally did. I asked for his advice on how should I change my Page Title to be seen in Google search . His post Common Blogging Mistakes-Part 2 was the reason why I came up with " My Daily Thought In Search For Self-Fulfillment". I was actually sad on the first few days seeing a sudden downfall on my traffic meter because of my new Page Title. But after a few days, a big smile starts glowing on my face everytime I search for some words like "BLOG ADDICTION" in google search my page is in Page7, "SELF-FULFILLMENT" in Page4, 'SELF-FULFILLMENT BLOG" in page 1, and "CHANGING BLOG TITLE" in page5. Wherein before, searching for my old page title itself "MY DAILY THOUGHTS" was very far to be seen on the search engine. My page is now visible on the search engine and my goal is to write more quality post to be more reachable through the search engine. Thanks to this genius professional blogger that until now I cannot figure out how did he came up with this unique but effective title for my page.


john said...

nice info.. i think i'll give it a try.. though my reasons for blogging doesn't involve money, but that's money and we need it.. hehehe.. :)

Tey said...

john i also feel the same way before...shock as in shock to learn that i can be paid

Anonymous said...

hi ester! like you i have been thinking of a great title for my blog. but up to now, i can't still think of any. your new title can sure attract a lot of bloggers. i noticed that you have more sponsors than when i first visited your blog. everything's been going well for you in the blogging world. keep it up ester! and thanks for sharing to us infos on how we can increase traffic in our blogs =)

john said...

hi, i put you on my links, i hope you don't mind. :-)