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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Business Work To Do

I know that some people are waiting for the update of this blog and my other blog. This people are making me inspired to regularly update my blogs. I find it very exciting to know that some people are freakingly snooping on my life by regularly visiting my blogs. So to satisfy their paranoia, here goes my thought for today.

I received one order today and I will process and ship it tomorrow because I want to go to bed early today. But before I got to bed, I will place an order for the lipstick tube and pick it up tomorrow on my supplier's warehouse. I need to create at least 5 lipstick colors in respond to some customers demands.

I will understand if you are raising your eyebrows now because you don't know anything about how to run this type of business. Well sorry for you!!! I am targeting different people all over the world for personal or business use. If you can't get it then, GET LOST!!!

I will also buy some more products for my kids love for aromatherapy products like the bath fizzy and add it on my webstore to sell.

I dont think the closing date of our house will go through tomorrow since there is still no clear message from my lawyer and sales agent yet. So I might cancel my one week vacation again at work, and just take about 3 days vacation instead, to spend time with my kids during their one week spring break vacation.

During my short vacation, I will be working on some of the pages of my webstore. I will also create new images for my Mineral Makeup particularly the Foundations and eyeshadows. I have been receiving some complains for not being able to view the colors properly on the internet.

I will also spend some of my time to make about 2 to 3 more soaps using the wooden soap mold, to post on my webstore. I need some break and spend time with my love for my business.

I will now update my other blog for some intuiging thoughts

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