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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Just Followed My Heart

Yayyy, I have no order today so I am taking this opportunity to do some household chores and go to my bed early. I will do some bloghopping after this and hang some clothes then I will go to bed.

I am happier now that everything was out of my chest. I have released some tension that I have been denying for so long now.

This is what happen when your judgement is not based on God's word. I am not saying that I never make any mistake because most of my judgement fails too. But I always pray to God to keep me on the right path.

She have been stubbing me behind my back that I have been denying to myself many times. I can't open my mouth because I have no proof that what I feel is right. It was just my instinct that keeps resounding into my head without any clear directions on where to go and what do to to stop this deceitful doings.

My silence is not doing any good. I just followed my heart and keep praying, that what I feel that I should do, is the right thing to do. I have to talk because it has to stop. I never want to hurt her, but she pushes me to do something to hurt her feelings. I have to let her know that I can never live in silence with her evil mouth.

I need to end this bitter thoughts about her. I will continue to pray that someday, I can find peace and full forgiveness in my heart about everything that she have done. But I can never be with her company ever again.

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