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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Burning Eyes

I can see some burning eyes and I wish I can stop myself from feeling the burn from their eyes. I was tired that I have to stop. But then one day I woke up, why stop while I can make it burn more.

Who cares is their eyes will burn for some stupid thoughts. New burning eyes was added with a stare that can made me tired again. But I am always been a fighter. And I will fight until they lost their sight.

Clear mind and happy heart is whats making me strong. It's pretty tiring after all this years. Questions always arises in my thought.. WHY? I just want peace. But it seems so hard to get with this world that I am in. There will always be some jealousy and envious thoughts with every little thing.

I am growing old with this kind of world, and I should make myself feel that it's going to be always part of my daily living. Get used to it ESTER because it's always going to be like that, not matter what.

Cheer up and just be yourself. As long as, they will never get into your way or you can kick their burning eyes off your way

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