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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Continues Progress Of My Business

I was busy processing some orders so I just stayed at home the whole day yesterday. The orders my hubby shipped yesterday are great gifts for my birthday. Here is the photo of the orders that my hubby shipped yesterday. It's one big order from one of my customers, and 2 Mineral Makeup samples from 2 new customers.

And when I open my email few minutes ago, I have another one big order to make from one of my customers. It's 22 items but it's mostly eyeshadows, so the packaging will not be bulky.

I feel so frustrated that I wasn't able to do anything during my short vacation leave because of my terrible lower back pain. I planned to clean the wholehouse, create new colors for eyeshadows and blushes, re-melt the orange soap, but I end up doing nothing. I also wasn't able to update most of my blogs. Grrrrr. I have to go back to work tonight.

Anyway, I am so happy to receive another payment from Google Adsense. The clicks are coming mostly from my Natural Beauty Cosmetics Blog. The contents of this blog are all about my beauty products where I get most of my sales referral. And at the same time, I am getting most of my Google Adsense clicks on my sidebar from this blog. Meaning, I am hitting 2birds in one bow. I simply put the Google Adsense code on the sidebar of all my blogs and blog about anything. Well of course, there are some secrets to get higher number of clicks so you can get paid earlier. And that is another journey that I learned from this making money online. Anyway, here is the copy of the direct deposit amount of my Google Adsense payment in my personal online shopping bank account.

I just love this making money online. Aside from being a happy wife and a mother, I can feel the inner self-satisfactions and self-fulfillment which makes me always look forward for another day infront of my computer. It covers all my frustration working on my full-time job because it made me realized that my full-time job is my way to cover the financial incapabilities of my business to support my family, FOR NOW. Only FOR NOW....

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