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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Dont Care About Their Anger

I don't know if I will believe it or not, when she said to me that a lot of people hate me at work. I was thinking, maybe she was trying to turn the issue to something else. But on the otherhand, if this is true then "I DONT CARE"!!!

If I am angry with someone, I dont even look or talk to the person. But when I said it's bygone, my anger is over. And when I start talking to the person, that means my anger is gone.

When somebody says "SORRY", who am I to say "NO"... So when I said "IT'S OKEY" then everything is okey. Damage may stay, but the anger was already gone. I may not like to be with the person anymore, but at work, I have to talk to whoever am I working with.

So whoever smile at me, talk to me, laugh with me and at the back, they hated me?... Well it's not my problem anymore!!!

I have not done anything bad to anyone. My mind and heart is clear that I don't hate anyone. So if what she have said about a lot of people hate me, I say because they have psychological problems... hehehhehehe.

IF THEY HATE ME, wellllllll, IIIIII DDDDDDDONT CCCCCCCCCARE!!!! I am not bothered about anyone's anger or hatred... SUFFER!!!!!

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