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Saturday, March 13, 2010

So Happy With My Online Business

As usual, I am awake very early in the morning. I have so many things to do at home so I started it by doing the laundry WHILE doing some blog update.

I have one big order from my customer who live near our house. I need to order some of the products from my supplier so I might just place the order tomorrow morning and pick it up on Monday.

This is the customer who picked her sample order last week. And I am so happy that she came back to order for more because she simply love my products. She is asking not to put any label because she will put her business label on each products, instead. This is called PRIVATE LABELLING. She own a beauty salon and she will sell my products under her business name.

Now do you understand how I run my business? This is just a business idea of a smart and intelligent person LIKE ME!!! hahahhahaha!!!

Creating a website is just one way, but how your website can be seen by people who are looking for the kind of products that you have, can only be done by people who have the capacity to understand that IT CAN BE DONE and IT CANNOT BE JUST AN ILLUSION!!! How and where do you think I get customers in and out of Canada? I work hard for it and I didn't have to go to any school or institute to learn all of these.

I will not quit my full-time job yet... Can't you see? While I was sleeping or I am at work, I am still receiving orders. I don't have to hire anyone to get order from people all over the world. Because my store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and everyone can order anytime they want. PLUS, I will not process the order unless the payment is confirmed through my paypal account!!!!

Do I have to open my mouth to sell my products? NOOOOOO, it's just some simple articles here and there with the help of my cumputer and lots of PRAYERS.

I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, ... Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my products.

1 comment:

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Aha, finally a very happy and positive post. I am so happy that you are finally seeing the fruits of your painstaking labor. I know that at this point in time you are still sufficient by yourself but there will come a time when your business will become too big for your lonesome self. You have to plan ahead and not wait for your business to overwhelm you. That's a good lead for you, to find people who are into beauty salon business who will want their own private labeling. You must also have a workable marketing plan and may have to hire employee/s as your business expand. You can probably start with making your show window in your own house wherein clients can browse your different products and as the volume of business increases, you can have a stockpile of finished products for faster delivery and transport to clients. Congratulations on the dawning of your success in your business. I will be praying for more success for you and I hope you will minimize focusing on negative events in your life. They are not worth your time. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.