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Friday, March 12, 2010

Running My Online Business

As much as I wanted to ignore the people who are secretly snooping on my life through my blog, but it's getting pretty obvious. Well, I can't stop anyone from visitng my blogs since they are puclicly published. The only thing that is quite annoying, is when you guys read my blog and raise your eyebrow to learn about what is happening in my thoughts particularly how I run my business.

However, as a blogger, I find it very inspiring to keep updating this blog and my other blog because I know some people are waiting what am I going to write for the day. Now it's your choice to deal with it.

Today, I will do few bloghopping after updating this blog, then process one small order. Then after having lunch with my kids, I will pick up my order to my supplier's warehouse. I need to create at least 5 lipstick colors this weekend.

I used to be very very excited to make small sample orders and tried to ship it on the same day. But since I started receiving bigger orders, I feel lazy making small or sample orders. I know for a fact that this big orders that I have been receiving, came from those small orders. They like my products so they came back to order for more.

So even if I am not very excitied to process this one small sample order, I have to process it and ship it the same way I did last year for sample orders. Because this small order might come back to order for more or even refer my products to more people, just like what my other regular customer did.

I never open my mouth about how I run my life and the happiness I am having with regards to my business. because I am trying to avoid intimidating some jealous and envious people who just can't be happy for the happiness of other people. I am happy... so happy with the progresss of my business, and I want to blog about it because this is my way to express my emotions. NOW If you can't stand what you are reading, you have the choice to GET LOST and you know who you are!!! But you keep coming back to read for more. That is really freaky.

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