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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Because She Is A Traitor

Do you remember that day when you and my friend keep talking behind my back like JUDAS?!!! Do you remember how you and my friend treated me? Do you think I don't know why? Do you think I don't know how Evil you are?

Because you are the only person whom I mentioned something about being STRESS!!! How stressful life can be as a working housewife? So I know why she acted that way. And you know deep in your heart that there is no bad meaning for that. But you are such an intrigator to push someone's mind for anger. Do you think I am stupid to let everything fall into your hand, you Traitor!!! Because I know the kind of evil like you. If you think you know how to spin their heads with your evil doings, well I am not!!!

I am watching you eversince. She probably been suffering from her conscience for letting you stub me on my back. Now she is trap with your evil mind! But did you know, that I have forgiven both of you? There were times that I have included you on my prayers. But you are such a child of a devil to fight back my good intentions of peace for you.

God knows, I never fight back your evil heart. I never open my mouth to anyone to ruin you. Because you know why? I am too precious to go down to your level of evil heart. Now you are getting what you want!!!

I was wondering why suddenly, you become so nice to me after those bad gestures of insecurity that you have been showing me. Ahhhhh, .... it's because of her!!!! You're looking for someone to take on your side. Do you know where she gets her strenght? Tell me about it!!!!

GROW UP!!! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! Clean up your mind and your heart. You need HELP!!

2 Corinthians 11:14 "And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. "

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