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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ate Too Much This Weekend

I was so tired yesterday. I didn't sleep the whole day and I ate too much. I attended the baptismal which was held in a Japanese Restaurant. The foods were good so I ate too much. I went home and did few things for my business while waiting for the time to go to the covenant meeting.

I had so much fun at the covenant and the foods were all good too, so I ended up over eating again. There will be a lot of activities that I would like to attend with them. And I hope I can find the energy to attend to all the activities.

I already did the 3 lipstick color and on my way for 2 more. It's taking time to do more than 1 color because I only have one lipstick mold. So since I just received this one big order, I can now order for another 3 lipstick mold.

I am glad to see and feel that the people that I thought were trying to convey some involvement reactions to some situation, has given some gestures that "THEY DON'T CARE AND THEY ARE NOT INVOLVED". And that is a good and the right thing to do because they don't really know the real reason behind.

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