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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Online Translators For Different Languages

I am so happy that I have been receiving so many inquiries about my products from different part of the world. I sometimes feel bad whenever I received some inquiries from a different language. I have no choice but to answer them in English to say "I dont understand the language that you are using", ,and just hope that they will understand my respond to their email.

There is one interesting website that I found on my search for a some kind of an online dictionary. Translia.com is a leading online translation. They have been developing different state of an art in translation technology. They have built the world's largest professional translators network, and have many satisfied clients for any languages and on any subjects.

Translia is also a workplace for professional translators. They provide a friendly community for linguistic professionals to learn, help, and extend. You can be a Translia member and translate different languages in a productive and fun ways.

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