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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To Improve Massage Theraphy Practice

I can't believe that I will be posting about Massage Theraphy today. I haven't mentioned here that at least once a week I go to a Massage Therapist for my back pain. I used to go to a Chiropractor and it also help me in relieving some of my back pain. But eversince my work insurance started to cover Massage Theraphy, I don't go to my Chiropractor that much anymore. Because my back pain is only a muscle pain and not a joints pain. Massage Theraphy is a natural way of relieving muscle pains. I wish I can learn how to do Massage Theraphy but I'd love somebody doing it for me. However, I've been doing a lot of reading about Massage Theraphy and it's very good to learn about the benefits it can give you before deciding to go to a Massage Therapist.

If you see Massage Therapy as a passionate devotion, then consider yourself a Massage Geeks. The massagegeeks.com is the best site to visit to learn more about Massage Theraphy and how it can work for you. This site was created to help professional Massage Therapist to become better in their chosen profession. This site is intended for sharing ideas and opinions to improve their business in Massage Therapy. The massagegeeks.com will educate everyone about Massage Theraphy Business and all the aspects related to it. This will help Massage Therapists and bodywork professionals to learn, interact, and share ideas on how to be successful in running a Massage Therapy and bodywork practice.

1 comment:

HansMassage said...

I am so glad you get help from your massage therapist and that your insurance covers it. We are hoping that more insrance will se he benefit over paying for pain medication and its side effects.
Hans Albert Quistorff, LMP
Antalgic Posture Pain Specialist