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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Photo Blankets

My parents anniversay is coming and I've been thinking of what gift I should buy for them. Then I saw this website that gave me such a unique gift idea for the two special people in my life. How would you like to see your pictures in a fabric? This website will tell you how your favorite photos will turn into a Photo Blankets or Photo Pillows. Your favorite photo or digital picture is professionally dyed into the blanket fabric using the laPhotoBlankets production technology. It will not changed the blankets fabric texture, it is gentle and the picture won't fade. You can use and wash the blankets like a normal clothes. The fabric that they use where your photos will put on, is a plush and very soft to the touch micro-suede fabric. The bottom of your photo blanket is polar fleece which is very very soft and comes in 13 colors. You can use as many photos as you would like but when you use their online creation tool, you will be able to upload 16 total. If you want to use more that 16 photos collage yourself using photoshop on your computer or inquire with them so they can do it for you. Visit their website at www.visionbedding.com and let them give you this unique gift for special people.

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