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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Friend Somewhere Behind This Blog

Did you ever felt a connection from fellow bloggers? Because I do. I missed visiting her site and her to mine. She was the first blogger whom I started visiting and shown me how to make money online. One of her posts catched my attention and made me visit her site almost everyday to know what's new with her. But after about 3 weeks, she was gone. No more"hi" and "hello" or even "goodbye". Deleted my link to hers for some reason that was unknown to me. I tried visiting her blog for a couple of times and try to leave a comment but she diabled her blog comments. I met a couple of bloggers since then, and enjoyed communicating with different beautiful people on the internet. When I felt connected to someone on the internet, I felt sad when the connections go away abruptly without knowing the reason behind. Was she/he mad? Did I said something that makes her/him diappear? WHY?---- I am missing someone though I'd rather stay away to avoid futher misunderstanding. I missed not only the content but the person behind the so called "posts".

I feel blessed to meet and be link with beautiful people as I have on my Bloggers list. I am happy to hear from my fellow bloggers after not hearing from them for about a week or so. I want to apologized to all my fellow bloggers if I am not able to visit you for quite sometime because of my busy schedule as a working mom. I really appreciate your visits that reminds me that I have a friend somewhere behind this blog. Happy Blogging day to all.

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