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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Recovery Of Drugs And Alcohol Addictions

It's a challenge for a parent to talk to their children about drugs. How should a parent bring up the topic? If I talk to my children about drugs, will they want to experiment on it? Because kids today are exposed to many conflicting messages about drugs. Movies and TV shows depict and sometimes glamourize the drugs use, while advertisements and schools warns them of it's negative effect. But I really think that kids need to know how we feel about drugs and how we expect them to act if confronted with peer pressure to try them. Because by talking to our child about drugs, it makes them sure that they can come to you whenever they need help or good advice.

I feel bad everytime I see young people get into drug addictions. If you know or suspect your child is using drugs, try not to panic. Many of the signs that a teenager might be using drugs - such as moodiness, a change in behaviour or appearance, poor grades, and a change of attitudes at home- could be a result of a number of different reasons including the normal confusion of being a teen. A drug addict must realize that addiction is a problem. However, admittance is the hardest part because many drug addict is on firm denial. So those who admit, believes and willing to accept the changes. If your child admits to using drugs, try to stay calm. Be honest about how you feel but never resort to threat or blame. Set clear rules because knowing their parents strongly disapprove of drugs may give your child the needs to say no to peer pressure in trying them.

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As a parent, by not using illegal drugs, using prescription drugs properly, and not abusing alcohol, you are sending your child a clear message about how you expect them to behave as well.

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