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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hotels In Berlin And Vienna

My thoughts will be traveling in Berlin and Vienna today. What a great places to go this holiday season. I wish I have the time and money. But its good to learn something about the places you want to go to and have been dreaming about. Berlin is the capital of Germany that allows every kind of lifestyle. Germany's largest city for all opportunities like entertainment, recreation, economy, science and academic life. Berlin consist of many cultural programme- three opera houses, over 150 theatres and playhouses, over 170 museums and collections and over 200 private galleries. Berlin is hosted with numerous top acts, artists and bands - every day nearly 1.500 events are on Berlin's cultural calendar.Berlin 's municipal area is made up of 40 percent forest and green areas, that you can move through Berlin by boat on 197 kilometers of waterways.

On the other hand, Vienna has plenty to offer for everyone as the world's capital of music with numerous opera, operetta and musical composers which is why most of the people who travel in Vienna are music lovers. Public transport is afforded an exceptional role in Vienna 's traffic policies. Unlike other cities, Vienna did not dissolve its tram network. Instead, tracks were raised and separate traffic lights introduced to make tram travel even more attractive. The underground network consists of five lines. Vienna has introduced the concept of intelligent mobility wherein traffic policies are implemented with the support of the population. This is to ensure that travellers select their mode of transport with a sense of responsibility.

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