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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Make Money From PayPerPost

I am so sorry about the mistakes. It was probably because of too much excitement inside me when I got an email from PayPerPost saying that my blog was aprroved by them. So I immediately login to my PaPerPost and saw those opportunities that I can accept. Gee, what can I say but thank you so much for giving me these opportunities. I actually signed up with Payperpost about two months ago. Although they didn't approved my blog because it hasn't reached the minimum age of the blog they required. Since then, I always checked my email and hope to get their approval and finally, I got it yesterday.

Why did I signed up with Payperpost? Almost all of my fellow bloggers are members of Payperpost and if not, they are waiting for the approval. I've been reading a lot about Payperpost on Forums and sites on how they support bloggers in making money online. Payperpost even guide bloggers on how to increase Page Rank and traffics for better pricing for future campaign. What will I do to the money I am going to earn? Everything that I do including all the earnings I am having from my full time job are all for my family. I would probably bring my kids to their favorite restaurant on the first payment I will receive from PayperPost.

One thing that catches my attention while navigating their site is that, Payperpost Direct or PPP Direct allows bloggers to take opportunities from any advertiser directly from your site by placing a badge on your blog. Payperpost allows us to negotiate with the advertisers with regards to pricing. Payperpost puts advertiser's money in reserve and you'll get paid after completing the job. Cool !!! But right now, I am ready to take opportunities from Payperpost and will follow blog ethics that Payperpost require from their members. I made my first mistake and I will always remember not to make another one. Thank you again and have a nice blogging day.

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