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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Being Paid To Blog

I am so happy that everyday I have more than one paid review to post. A big help for me and my family to pay some extra household bills. Other than that, sometimes I dont know what topic I should post for the day and giving me a paid review can be an interesting topic to blog about. I used to be ardently waiting for the approval of 4 more paid to review sites. But the paid to review sites who have approved this page, have been giving me enough to smile about. Anyway, I am still hoping for a higher Page Rank and blog traffic so I can be paid higher and more projects to review. Still eager to learn and earn some more.


Anonymous said...

how do we improve our page rank? i have been a 3 for as long as i could remember. =(

Tey said...

as far as I know using the right keywords in every post can increase your page rank but it is hard since we have different topics in our page. I really dont know Pia.

Bard Girl said...

I love the template you're using for this blog. I just love fairies. I'm questing too for the higher PR especially after the hit with the changes Google made.

I was wondering if you'd be interested in a link exchange? I figure it couldn't hurt and those of us who do paid posts should stick together. I'll put your link up in the section called The Quill Is Mightier.